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LiPAD serves as the primary data access and distribution center of the Phil-LiDAR 1 and Phil-LiDAR 2 Programs, a Department of Science and Technology initiative that engages the University of the Philippines and fifteen (15) Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) throughout the country, with the aim to produce detailed flood hazard and resource maps using LiDAR technology.

The datasets, which include Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), Orthophotos, Classified LAZ, Flood Hazard Maps and Resource Maps, are available for download in open and GIS-ready formats, for use by Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), members of the academe, and researchers, among others.


Flood Hazard Maps


Resource Layers

37,557 sq. km.

Total LiDAR Coverage

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    Flood Hazard Maps

    Flood Hazard Maps are still available at the LiPAD FMC website, without registration. Please proceed to the subsite if you are interested on downloading Flood Hazard Maps.

    Manual Data Requests

    Since the portal is experiencing issues with account registration, may we request all data requests be coursed through our official e-mail address: LiPAD Team <> with a subject of "[LiPAD] Data Request from (Your Name) / (Your organization or affiliation)". Kindly provide the following details on your e-mail:

    1. Full Name
    2. Office / Organization
    3. Organization Type - Local NGO / NGA - (Department) / Academic (Students/Researchers/Faculty/Foundations) / LGU / International NGO / PHIL-LiDAR SUC / Others
    4. Local or foreign entity with respect to the Philippines
    5. E-mail address
    6. Contact Number
    7. Project Name / Research or Dissertation Title
    8. Project Summary / Research Abstract
    9. Use/purpose of the data - DRRM, Planning, Management, Exploration, Mapping, others
    10. Type of Data requested: LiDAR Orthophotos, LAZ, DSM, DTM Files, PHIL-LiDAR 2 Datasets, etc.
    11. Intended Use of the data - Commercial or noncommercial

    Please attach a scanned signed formal letter addressed to:

    Dr. Louie Balicanta  
    Director, UP Training Center for Applied Photogrammetry and Geodesy 
    312-316 National Engineering Center, Juinio Hall 
    University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City  

    State your intent to request data, project background/summary and the data requested. For students/researchers, the letter must be signed and endorsed by an adviser.

    Requests for Orthophotos, LAZ, Digital Surface Models (DSM), and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) must include a Polygon shapefile generated from GIS Software or a browser based shapefile generation tool: Click2SHP.

    Valid shapefiles include all of the following filetypes:

    • .shp
    • .shx
    • .dbf
    • .prj

    Incomplete data requests or requests that have information intentionally withheld will not be entertained.

    The UP DREAM / PHIL-LiDAR Program doesn't provide data to private entities unless a formal letter is given in writing and is explicitly approved by the Program Leader. Since this is a government-funded project, our products are only licensed for use academically, for research purposes, for LGUs and NGOs that have no commercial purpose for the data.

    If you are partnering with a government agency/NGA/LGU for a project, please ask that GA/NGA/LGU to request data on your behalf.

    If you still want to obtain data for private or commercial use, please contact our Business Development Officer at bdo[at]

    Note: Some data requests will need approval from the Program Leader before the data request is processed.

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