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LiDAR Portal for Archiving and Distribution

LiPAD serves as the primary data access and distribution center of the Phil-LiDAR 1 and Phil-LiDAR 2 Programs, a Department of Science and Technology initiative that engages the University of the Philippines and fifteen (15) Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) throughout the country, with the aim to produce detailed flood hazard and resource maps using LiDAR technology.

The datasets, which include Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), Orthophotos, Classified LAZ, Flood Hazard Maps and Resource Maps, are available for download in open and GIS-ready formats, for use by Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), members of the academe, and researchers, among others.


How to request LiDAR Data

Flood Hazard Maps

Flood Hazard Maps are still available at the LiPAD FMC website, without registration. Please proceed to the FMC sub-website if you are interested on downloading Flood Hazard Maps.

Resource Maps

Resource Maps are available on their respective portals produced by the components of the PHIL-LiDAR 2 Program. Please see the RESOURCE MAPS menu above if you are interested on obtaining resource maps.

Manual Data Requests

Since the LiPAD Portal is under maintenance, may we request all data requests be coursed through the following Google Forms:

LiDAR Data Requester Registration Form

The LiDAR Data Requester Form is for everyone who is requesting existing LiDAR Data as seen in the coverage map above. Every data requester is required to fill up this form in order to request data using the Data Request Form. Existing data requesters who have requested via e-mail prior to June 20, 2019 must fill up this form for new data requests.

LiDAR Data Request Form

The LiDAR Data Request form is for everyone who is requesting existing LiDAR Data and has filled up the LiDAR Data Requester Registration Form.

Please note that there are still documents that are required to be submitted via e-mail after filling up both forms above.

  1. Formal Letter of request
  2. Area of Interest Shapefile
  3. Proof of consultancy for those consulting in behalf of another organization

If you want to obtain data for private or commercial use, new data for areas not covered by the existing LiDAR Coverage, or a large amount of LiDAR Data (e.g Whole Country) , please contact our Business Development Officer at bdo[at]dream.upd.edu.ph


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